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Situation continuously change. New players arrive and others leave. Also your competitors are active and you would like to know if they (are about to) obtain rights that might be relevant for you. What you want is to watch the competition.


If you want to watch specific competitors and you know the name or entity they use for filing, a name watch can be very efficient. The name watch can be for a specific part of the world or be worldwide. You receive a watch notice if a new publication of an application or registration has taken place. The same principle holds for trademarks if you want to watch your own trademark or tradename.


Where a name watch is limited to the watched names, a subject watch goes much further. Every publication within the subject will be reported no matter the applicant. In this way you can watch an entire field. It is recommended to keep the subject watch limited to a not too broad area. A too broad subject watch will report many non-relevant hits.


Once a relevant application has come out of the name or subject watch, it may be desired to follow the progress of the application. Every change in the procedure is then noticed and will be reported so you continuously have an update of the case and action can be taken in time when necessary, see section ‘ATTACK’.

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