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Searching intellectual property registers and databases, but also more and more on the internet is usually the basis for an advice. Depending on the goal of the search, several strategies are possible. Unfortunately, a 100% end result cannot be guaranteed, but the more time and money is spend on the search, the more valuable the search is.


Independent of which right is registered, it is almost always important to assess what is already known/registered. This determines the remaining options for registration of your idea, trademark or design. Hence, you receive a report answering the questions whether registration is still possible, and if so, if we expect troubles in the procedure and what the maximum scope of protection is. This allows you to determine whether registration is valuable to your company and thus whether registration makes sense.


Other parties also register their ideas and trademarks. Hence, independent of you registering, you have to take third party rights into account. Infringing once you are on the market can have a huge impact on your business/ You receive a report pointing out the most relevant risks on infringement or conflicts and an advice how to deal with them.


Are you new to a technical field and do you wish to make founded strategic decisions? Or are you curious about your competitors activities? Please consider landscaping of the relevant areas. You receive a report listing all relevant activities in your field. At a glance the main players and developments in your area.

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