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The registration of rights has traditionally been the core activity of firms like OnlinePatents. When offering such services it usually happens that only the possibilities are considered and the value for the company is forgotten. Not with us. Registration only makes sense if there is a clear advantage for the company.


The filing of an application for registration is usually not possible without proper preparation. We first need to gather the correct information and we need to determine which preparations are required. For example, a patent requires a text and drawings. A trademark requires a list of goods and services. And drawings are very important for designs. Have preparations been finished then we can file the application.


After filing, the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) will first check the formalities. With this check, the PTO checks whether all information has been provided and in the correct format. Is this the case, then usually examination takes place. Some procedures (e.g. a Dutch patent, design registrations in the Benelux and the EU) only have minimal examination and registration almost always follows automatically. In other procedures discussions are started with a so-called examiner who eventually decides on refusal or allowance.


After registration, the right usually needs to be maintained by the regular payment of annual fees or renewal fees. Is this forgotten, then the rights lapses.

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